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Electrical CAD Design Training in Madurai

The eCareerpluz courses equip students with an entire spectrum of CAD skills using multiple CAD software, cutting across a wide range of popular CAD product suites. eCareerpluz’s Curriculum Development team strives to deliver the best courseware for the students. From beginner to advanced levels, every resource reflects highest standard & clarity. Students of eCareerpluz courses are trained to meet the immediate job requirements involved in various building and construction functions.

The course coverage is extensive and the training, profound. Upon completion of the course, students will gain expertise in their fields and take responsibility for delivering entire Electrical projects. Our Standard Electrical CAD Designing training Course assists the aspirants to strengthen the technical knowledge of the Electrical control systems. You will learn from very basic to advanced features of Electrical CAD Design even if you are a fresher or experienced candidate. Candidates those who have completed their 12th examination and ongoing B.E, M.E, B.Tech, M.Tech, Diploma and other Engineering related major can join the Electrical CAD course.

Electrical CAD design Course in Madurai Overview

eCareerpluz offers the Best Electrical CAD Training in Madurai with advanced features Real-time project training and Free Placement Assistance. We ensure you to complete the Electrical CAD Design training course with certification which helps to reach great heights. Apart from that, Our Electrical CAD training course handles the standard syllabus which is developed to deliver the knowledge to cop up with the industrial standard by expert professionals.

Specifically, we are conducting Electrical CAD Design Classes at your comfortable timings. In the same way, we cover AutoCAD, Auto CAD electrical, Revit MEP and which enrich you as the Best Electrical controls designers. If you are really looking for Electrical CAD training in Madurai then eCareerpluz is the Best place to enroll yourself.

Why should you join E-CAREERPLUZ?

Best Electrical control designer

Electrical CAD course in Madurai provides the best AutoCAD Electrical design software for electrical controls designers. Its purpose is to build and modify electrical control systems in a better manner.

Multiple CAD skills and multiple software

eCareerpluz’s Electrical CAD designing course in Madurai gives an opportunity to learn various CADD software courses such as AutoCAD, Auto CAD electrical, Revit MEP to make you to understand how to draft commands like wiring, circuiting, PLC modules, panels, and more.

Wide course coverage and intensive Training.

Electrical CADD course in Madurai gives you a detail conceptual knowledge about drafting and drawing technology by using terminals. Also it provides a great knowledge of better use of components, electrical symbols, blocks, and attributes and reports.

Technical as well as value added services.

Auto CAD Electrical course in Madurai assists the students across the MEP(mechanical, electrical and plumbing) disciplines model to an elaborate level of detail and co-ordinate with building project contributors.

Career Guidance and job titles

After completion of Electrical CAD course in Madurai, candidates can apply for the number of jobs under the following profiles: Engineering services, Electrical power generating installations, Indian railways, Aerospace manufacture industry, Automobile industry, Airports authority of India, etc..

Industry-recognized certification

Industry recognized Certification with IMMM affiliation as a Certified Electrical CAD Professional by eCareerpluz that adds weightage to your career.

Course Certification for Electrical CAD Design Training in Madurai

  • Student’s name and Admission number will be engraved in certificate.
  • eCareerpluz will be in the single-toned watermark.
  • The Skill India and NSDC Logo will also be incised on the new certificate to provide international recognition to the students' skills.
  • The new certificate will also mention the ISO and IAO Credentials along with the Quick Response (QR) code to prove the validity of the certification.
  • Focal point of Electrical CAD Design by eCareerpluz
    • At first, our Electrical CAD course in Madurai focuses on driving the students towards a practical exposure in the drafting and designing industry and makes them competent so they could give their best in their field of work.
    • Moreover, our AutoCAD Electrical course training in Madurai is handled by our qualified best trainers with more than 5+ years of experience who will give you best professional Knowledge and Provide Individual Training.
    • Most importantly Electrical CAD certification course in Madurai is a real time project oriented course which helps to gain the skill required to draw a building, structure and its constituents in 3D, note the model with 2D drafting elements, and access building information from building model’s database.
    • However, Each Electrical CAD session covers all the features of particular Electrical CAD software concepts and will be able to designing and developing new electrical systems, test equipment and find solution to electrical problems and devices.
    • eCareerpluz is provides a great theory as well as a practical experience which they can implement in their future job profile.
    • During the Electrical CAD course training in Madurai, Students understand the appropriate methods of professional drawings by using AutoCAD and method to Create 2d drawings by using blocks, layers, professional templates with attributes and Create Isometric views of any object.
  • List of Skills covered in Electrical CAD Course Training in Madurai
    • First of all, Preparation of Lines, Circles, Rectangular etc.
    • Detailed knowledge about Types Dimension Style, Layer Overview, modifying layer, attributes, Editing & modification of sketches, Scaling objects, views, Duplication using, mirror, copy, pattern etc.
    • Learning in detail about Dimensioning techniques, creating & editing blocks, Hatch, trim, extend, tables, etc.
    • In depth knowledge in Use of Xref.
    • Most importantly, eCareerpluz Electrical CAD course training in Madurai teaches in details about Tolerance symbols, Datum, Finish, welding symbols, Isometric concept, Isometric snap, Drawing Isometric objects, Dimensioning, etc.
    • In addition, students will also learn about Photo rendering, Printing Documents, Templates Insertion.
    • eCareerpluz is the best training institute for Electrical CAD training in Madurai in which delivers the best outcome for the students as per the industry needs.
  • Learning Objectives of our Electrical CAD design in Madurai

    eCareerpluz’s AutoCAD Electrical course software teaches that aids a BIM (Building Information Modelling) workflow from theory to construction

    • To create solutions for professionals who engage in Mechanical, Electrical and plumping.
    • To sing the knowledge of Auto CAD to develop MEP discipline models to a high level of detail and co-ordinate with building project contributors.
    • To Coordinate directly with engineers and project managers to understand project requirements, verify design details and recommend modifications as needed according to company standards and best practices
    • AutoCAD electrical course in Madurai will also teach the students about generating a bill of materials reporting, creating PLC I/O drawings from spreadsheets, wire numbering, and component tagging.
    • To analyze design documents and Project management to allow the designers to collaborate and work with team members and other personnel.
  • Electrical CAD career opportunities
    • Electrical engineers work with large scale electrical systems which include motor control and power transmission.
    • Throughout their career, they work on a diverse range of technologies, from designing household appliances, electrical power stations, wiring and lighting of building and satellite communication. 
    • Some entry-level Electrical engineering jobs include: Micro Electrical Engineer, Electrical engineer, Power engineer, Instrumentation engineer, Telecommunication engineer and Electrical Design engineer.
  • Electrical CAD Design Courses

    At Last, to meet this latest trend and to enhance your skills in these technologies we are providing special combo courses with Electrical CAD Design Training which are listed down as follows,

  • Auto CAD 2D and 3D

    The AutoCAD Electrical course through eCareerpluz will help the students to be expert in the concepts and capabilities of AutoCAD 2D/3D as listed below:

    • Initially, a detailed Introduction to AutoCAD Electrical
    • Then, students will Learn to use drawing tools
    • In-depth knowledge in Use of hatch and gradient
    • Most importantly, students will Learn to use electrical schematics and they will be taught to Understand electrical panels and Electrical plan project
    • At final, students will Start Delta starter project to implement the thing that the learned in entire classes.
  • AutoCAD Electrical

    eCareerpluz’s AutoCAD Electrical course in Madurai will help the students master the concepts and capabilities of AutoCAD Electrical as listed below:

    • First, knowledge about Controls Design using standards-based drafting and PLC I/O tools
    • Also, students will learn Automation of report generation and organization of files and projects
    • Most importantly, in detail learning in Schematic symbol libraries, Real-time error checking, automated wire numbering and Schematic design tools.
    • In-depth knowledge in Compelling visuals and presentations of Panel Layout module.
    • Finally, students will have a practical knowledge in Project management to allow the designers to collaborate and work with team members and other personnel.
  • Revit MEP

    eCareerpluz’s Electrical CAD course in Madurai comprises of several modules to help candidates master their skills in the Revit MEP tool and its rich features. Some of these modules are as follows:

    • Foremost, detail knowledge about BIM concept and HVAC design.
    • Secondly, students will learn Plumbing circuit design and Material Takeoffs which is most important concepts.
    • The Major part of learning includes Working with fire protection systems, Plotting, creating sheets, Clash detection and Energy Analysis
    • And also it includes, Mechanical Systems, Piping Systems and Electrical Systems
    • Most importantly, students will have a detail practice on Construction Documents and Coordination, Creating a Building Layout, Work-sharing and Coordination.
  • Ansys
    • The ANSYS course Workbench platform is the framework upon which the industry’s broadest and deepest suite of advanced engineering simulation technology is built. 
    • During the Ansys course in Madurai, Students will understand the difference between FEA & FEM.
    • Also they will learn to predict the various boundary conditions.
    • Most importantly, they will understand about how to calculate the pressure, Strains and displacements, thermal profiles and other various analysis
    • At last, they will become an expert in predict the failure or safe working of product.

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