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CCTV Installation and service Training in Madurai

e-CAREERPLUZ Provides CCTV Installation and service training which is, one of the most needed jobs in the modern era due to Infrastructure development and most of them are in need of security for their assets. To pursue CCTV service technician course, no education qualification needed, no age bar and no Prior Technical Education Required. All we need is the interest of the candidate to equip themselves as an expert. Students can learn this CCTV Installation and service training in weekday classes or week end classes. But duration will be the same whichever batch they choose.

CCTV Training Course in Madurai Overview

CCTV Training Course in Madurai, we provide the students most up-to-date, high tech and elaborative with 100% Live Practical in depth training in all aspects of CCTV Theory, Maintenance and Repairing techniques to become an Expert CCTV Technician. CCTV Installation and service Repair Training Course is divided into three parts: Theory, Practical and Practice. In practical students will learn about various brands, types and models of CCTV Installation and Chip Level servicing.

CCTV Repairing Training Course handled by well experienced faculties with both technical and field knowledge. e-CAREERPLUZ trained 2000+ students who has been successfully completed their training. We are very proud to inform that most of students after successfully completed their training, they were self-employed and placed in many industries all over India.

Why should you join E-CAREERPLUZ?

Security Camera Servicing Expert

e-CAREERPLUZ provides the best CCTV Installation and service course in Madurai with All types of cameras and top most CCTV camera brands. The training will be provided from the scratch to chip level servicing with 100% hands-on-practice.

New trends and technologies

e-CAREERPLUZ a better knowledge about CCTV Repairing Training Course in Madurai with new trends and technologies and also students will have a great industry-standard syllabus which will be taught by well experienced trainers.

Life time Support in all manner

CCTV Installation and service technician training in Madurai with 100% Job Support, 100% Self Employment Support, Lifetime access to our Careerpluz App and guidance with the help of e-CAREERPLUZ app from 24x7 online support team. Through this, students can reach us for any kind of support at anytime, anywhere. Your queries and doubts will be clarified within 24hours from the enquiry time.

Job Reference and Career Support

CCTV Installation and Service training is one of the most demanded and profitable technical careers available in the industry today, with the potential of owning your own business. Our team will provide life time support to start your own business. Also our placement team will guide the students to grab the right opportunity.

Professional Certification

Industry recognized Certification with ISO & IAO affiliation as a CCTV Installation and service technician which will give you all the training needed and get started in your new High-Tech Career.

Course Certification

  • Student’s name and Admission number will be engraved in certificate in bold letters.
  • e-CAREERPLUZ logo will be in the single-toned watermark to avoid duplicating.
  • The Skill India, IAO and NSDC Logo will also be incised on the certificate to provide international recognition to the students' skills.
  • The certificate will also mention the ISO Credentials along with the Quick Response (QR) code to prove the validity of the certification.
  • Features of CCTV Installation and service Training by e-CAREERPLUZ
    • At first, our CCTV Installation and service training course in Madurai has a unique CCTV Installation and service technician course curriculum designed by our expert technicians which can be easily understand by all kind of people.
    • Probably, there is no qualification needed to learn CCTV Installation and service and also no age limitations applied.
    • Especially, no language difficulties will be there to learn CCTV Installation and service training. Because classes will be Bilingual and the explanations will be given in Tamil i.e. local language which can be understand by everyone easily.
    • Moreover, our CCTV Installation and service training in Madurai is handled by our Professional CCTV servicing expert trainers with more industrial experience.
    • Most importantly CCTV Installation and service certification course in Madurai is a practical oriented training course which helps to gain knowledge from the basic services like, CCTV installation, connectivity checking, lens replacing and chip level servicing.
    • However, Each CCTV Installation and service session covers all the CCTV Installation and service repairing concepts with Hands-on practical training using assessments, exercises, and assignments.
    • During the CCTV Installation and service training classes you can gain the in-depth hands-on-practical knowledge with all kind of CCTV brands with the help of our trainer guidance.
    • Certainly, our team helps the students to grab the right job as well as we support the students, those who willing to start their own business.
    • Candidates those who aspirant to start their own business we support them by register their shop in MSME from our domain with free of cost, presenting designed visiting cards and banners for their shop and other legal guidance to start business.
    • To summarize, our CCTV Installation and service Repair training in Madurai is 100% career assurance course and lifelong support for your career with the help of our trainers and academic team.
  • List of Skills covered in CCTV Installation and service Repair certification Training
    • First of all, Deep Knowledge in CCTV Installation and service fundamentals.
    • Learning about CCTV training course in detail from the basics to advance level, starting from different types of CCTV Cameras.
    • Secondly, detailed knowledge about, CCTV camera positions, and selection of camera for the location.
    • In the meantime, extensive knowledge about different types of cables that can be used for CCTV installation and configuration.
    • Moreover, Deep Knowledge in chip level CCTV service.
    • Analyzing, Trouble shooting and problem solving techniques.
    • Above all, in-depth Knowledge in CCTV Installation and servicing by using latest equipment and technologies.
    • In software side, students will learn about configuration of CCTV setting and connectivity checking.
    • Detail Knowledge about, NVR, DVR and networking.
    • CCTV installation course in Madurai is also equipped with knowledge of HD and analogue CCTV surveillance systems.
    • Also students will learn about setup of DVR, use of 2MP,3MP,5MP or 8MP(4K – Ultra HD) cameras, HD camera formats: TVI, CVI, AHD, SDI, video compression: H.264, H.265, H.265+, frames per second, PTZ Camera and much more.
  • CCTV Installation and service Technician certification course in Madurai

    First of all, e-CAREERPLUZ provides the best CCTV Installation and service training course in Madurai with real-time practical scenarios. 1000+ candidates have uplifted their career with their dream job using e-CAREERPLUZ’s CCTV certification course. Moreover, Our CCTV Training in Madurai  which covers all the modules in the CCTV and Security Systems which helps a trainee to be an expert in the field of CCTV. It covers from the basic to the advanced level of CCTV with deep course knowledge. The course is focused in such a way that anyone who has a desire to pursue a career/business in the CCTV industry.

  • Latest CCTV technician Job Openings

    There are quite a few careers you can pursue when you are being a CCTV technician.

    • CCTV surveillance and electrical supervisor
    • Server Installation and Configuration with
    • Video Analytic server
    • Security system engineer
    • Security system Installer
    • CCTV Operator
    • CCTV access control technician

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Course Syllabus


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About Our CCTV Installation and service training tutor

In e-CAREERPLUZ, we ensure quality trainers to transform our students into skillful professionals. No compromise on the trainer’s quality, experience and dedication. The Following are the topmost qualities of our CCTV Installation and service trainer,

  • Firstly, more than 3+ years of industry experience as CCTV Installation and service technician.
  • Follow with that, strong up-to-date subject knowledge in CCTV technology.
  • Have trained more than 500 candidates in CCTV Installation and service training.
  • Expert in Chip level service and all advanced technical concepts.
  • 24/7 available for aspirants to clear technical doubt through CAREERPLUZ app.
  • In addition, friendly approach of our tutors that will make the atmosphere comfortable place to learn.
  • All-time supports for your growth and career guidance.
  • Shares service experience and troubleshooting techniques.
  • Our CCTV Installation and service training in Madurai, will help you to develop you career successfully with complete field knowledge and practical exposer.