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Our Placement Projects

'Placement' is a pretty broad term and it gets bandied about by employers. Placement process is first and foremost of the industry interaction so that trainees can get some idea about the nature of the industry. The next thing is trainees as well as the companies/industry will share their profile among themselves. After wards pre-placements talks will be going on at that time projects and job roles are offered. Resumes were prepared by the students and sent it to the respective companies. It will be short listed by the companies. The final thing is face to face interviews through that trainees are placed. And they were followed by the company up-to one year. Sometimes placement is just like the extended internship. From e-careerpluz info(India) Private Limited bestowing the placements according to the sector wise like apparel, beauty and wellness, health care , media and entertainment, Tourism and hospitality, electronics and hardware