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Fostering a culture of innovation and self-reliance: eCareerpluz, where entrepreneurship development begins with personalized self-employment training.

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About eCareerpluz

eCareerpluz: Where Passion Meets Profession and Knowledge Becomes A Lifelong Companion

In a world fueled by innovation and change, the role of an entrepreneurship developer is paramount. Our dynamic professional is not just a mentor but a catalyst for transformation, inspiring and guiding individuals to navigate the complex and exhilarating journey of entrepreneurship.

36.7K+ Trained Novices

With a track record of training over 36,768 individuals across India, eCareerpluz takes pride in our role as architects of success stories.

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Why choose eCareerpluz?

Unlock Academic Excellence and Enrich your Career with eCareerpluz

  • Quality education from industry professionals
  • A supportive and motivating learning environment
  • Access to the latest tools and technologies
  • Job placement support
  • A stepping stone to entrepreneurship

Transforming Career, Empowering Futures

eCareerpluz Training and Placement Impact

Our commitment to transforming lives and shaping careers is reflected in the impressive numbers that define our impact. As a testament to our dedication to quality education and career development, eCareerpluz proudly shares the following achievements:

In-Training Students 36.7K

Placement Success 25.7K

Students to Entrepreneurs 9.1K

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eCareerpluz understands the needs of learners around the globe, so we offer courses from tech-driven disciplines to wellness-focused pursuits. Whether you're an aspiring professional, a tech enthusiast, or someone eager to enhance your knowledge, these courses offer an exciting journey of learning and development. Dive into our curated list of trending courses that are shaping the future in different fields.

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