Montessori Education Program Overview


e-Careerpluz provides a rich Montessori education that lays the foundation for lifelong learning and success. Our Montessori program is designed to foster a love of learning, independence, and creativity in young minds, and prepares them for a journey of discovery and growth. For more Details, Click here

  • Live demo practical classes.
  • Basic Computer Skills.
  • Effective theory sessions.
  • Record works.
  • Drawing work, stick file, chart work.
  • Internship training with stipend.
  • Advanced training in Robotics and Guidelines.

Montessori Education Programs

  • Engage children with interactive learning stations equipped with touch-screen interfaces and educational software, fostering a hands-on approach to learning.
  • Explore our digital library of Montessori materials, bringing traditional learning tools into the digital age while preserving the essence of the Montessori philosophy.
  • Immersing children in augmented reality activities improves their understanding of abstract concepts and makes learning more dynamic and engaging.
  • Introduce educational games designed to stimulate creativity, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills in a fun and engaging environment.
  • Explore the basic principles and philosophy of Montessori education and understand the role of the educator as a guide in the child's self-directed learning journey.
  • Learn the importance of practical life activities in the Montessori system and how they contribute to the development of essential life skills, independence, and concentration.
  • Explore using sensory materials to stimulate and refine a child's senses, promote cognitive development, and prepare the foundation for academic learning.
  • Gain insights into Montessori approaches to language development and mathematical concepts, including the use of specialized materials and methods.
  • Experience the integration of cultural studies and science in a Montessori curriculum that fosters global awareness and curiosity about the world.
  • Explore theories of child development and refine your skills in observing and understanding each child's unique needs and progress.
  • Gain a deep understanding of the core principles and philosophy of Montessori education.
  • Learn how to effectively introduce and use Montessori materials in the classroom and understand the purpose and sequence of each material to support children's developmental stages.
  • Develop strong observational skills to keenly observe and understand each child's unique learning style, strengths, and areas for growth.
  • Implement child-centric instructional practices, recognizing and responding to individual learning needs, and allowing for self-paced learning.
  • Understand the role of the Montessori teacher as a guide in strengthening social development, supporting peer interactions, conflict resolution, and creating a harmonious classroom community.
  • Use Montessori materials to guide children in exploring mathematical concepts and sensory experiences to build a solid understanding of abstract concepts.
  • Integrate cultural studies and science into the curriculum, encouraging a sense of global awareness, curiosity about the world, and respect for cultural diversity.
  • Develop effective communication skills with parents, providing insights into their child's progress and strengthening a collaborative relationship between home and school.

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