Professional Tailoring Training in Madurai

Our professional Tailoring training Course at Colors Studio assists the expectant to strengthen the knowledge in the Tailoring trainingfield. You will learn from very basic to advanced level of Tailoring training even if you are a new or qualified candidate.

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Professional Tailoring Course Curriculum

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e-Careerpluz's course structure is designed to cover the fundamental and advanced aspects of Professional Tailoring. Each module builds on the previous one, and allows learners to apply their knowledge in a practical situation.

  • Introduction
  • Parts of Machine & Tools
  • Lace Model
  • Overlock Model•
  • Circle Model
  • Pleated Model
  • Eldredge Model
  • Merovingain Men’s Fashion Model
  • Elastic Model
  • Piping Model
  • Jean Model
  • Baby Model
  • Six Part Model
  • Eight Part Model
  • Lace Model
  • Pipng Model
  • Umberlla Skirt Model
  • Uniform Skirt
  • Elastic Model
  • Titanic Model
  • Layer Model
  • Singlet Baby Model
  • Umbrella Model
  • BoatNeck Model
  • Gathering Model
  • Pattiyala Model
  • Princess Blouse
  • Katori Blouse
  • Butterfly Model
  • Lace Model
  • Netted Maxi
  • Velvet Maxi
  • Straight cut Lehenga
  • Double flared Lehenga

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Professional Tailoring Training in Madurai Overview

Colors Studio offers the Best Tailoring training course in Madurai with more than 7 years of experience. We ensure you to complete the Tailoring training course with certification which helps to fulfill your dream. Apart from that, Our Tailoring training course has the standard syllabus which is developed to deliver the complete knowledge to the students.

Specifically, we are conducting Tailoring training Classes in Madurai as per candidates’comfortable timing. In the same way, we cover Tailoring training topics which enrich you as the Pro fashion designer. If you are really looking for Tailoring training course in Madurai then Colors Studio is the Best place to register yourself. For more Details, Click here

  • At first our Tailoring training institute in Madurai follows a unique Tailoring training course curriculum framed by our expert trainers covering all the latest concepts from fundamental.
  • Moreover, our Tailoring training in Madurai is handled by our Professional Tailoring training experts with more than 8+ years of stitching experience.
  • Most importantly Tailoring training certification course in Madurai is a practical oriented training course which helps to gain the skill required for a Tailoring training service with minimum duration.
  • However, Each Tailoring training session covers all the apparel making concepts.
  • In other words, our Tailoring class in Madurai helps to gain the skill by understanding the latest methodology with more practical and theory.
  • Candidates those who interested to start their own business we support them by register their shop in MSME from our domain with free of cost.
  • To summarize, our Tailoring training in Madurai is a 100% career assurance course and lifelong support for your career with the help of our trainers and academic team.
  • Firstly, visit directly & discuss with our professionals to experience a glimpse of our Tailoring training in Madurai with job reference and career support.
  • During our Tailoring training course in Madurai, 30+ different apparels will be stitched by the students.
  • Likewise, during our Tailoring training in Madurai we conduct periodical practical review on each topic completed.
  • Even more, individual attention on every student during the class as well as after completing the Tailoring course training.
  • Also, dedicated teams for Career Guidance, Job reference, own business startup support, and other career support.
  • Moreover, frequent feedback sessions for the tutees to make sure everything goes as per their expectation.
  • First, Deep Knowledge in tailoring training.
  • Meanwhile, during our Tailoring training in Madurai, students will also get a chance to learn Aari embroidery and machine embroidery which will be very useful to earn additional income.
  • Most importantly, Knowledge in tailoring training with latest updated techniques.
  • Especially, the tailoring training will be given by using power machine which is most important for working in manufacturing unit. That’s why the reason the certificate will be provided as Certificate in Advance sewing Machine Operator.
  • Initially, Basic in-depth fundamental knowledge about Tailoring training.
  • To know about different garments stitching procedure.
  • Learn effectively about products, usage procedures, and hands-on practical training.
  • Also, Learn about effective customer handling trick in Tailoring.
  • Always, a deep dive into Class, Object and Method in tailoring practice.
  • Way of handling different types of customers.
  • To know about segment of products according to price and customer need during tailoring class.
  • Most importantly, to know about how to identify the requirement of the customer and how to complete their expectations effectively.
  • In other words, to know about sewing machine manipulation and error rectifying techniques of machine in Tailoring training.
  • Colors Studio provides the best Tailoring training in Madurai with 100% hand-on practical sessions.
  • 5000+ candidates have uplifted their career with their dream job using Colors Studio’sTailoring training certification.
  • Moreover, Our Tailoring training in Madurai curriculum designed by Tailoring training experts which is suitable for all category of people.
  • Also, we allow candidates to attend practical assessments in our institute to evaluate themselves which will help to mold them as professionals.
  • Currently, our 2000+ Alumnitailoring course students doing business by their own at various places of Tamilnadu.
  • At first, our aim is to transform the aspirant into a professional tailors so that they can gain vast knowledge in tailoring field from basic to advanced level guided by our qualified trainers.
  • Secondly, become an Expert in handling both ordinary sewing machine and power sewing machine.
  • Also, during our Tailoring training in Madurai you can realize how Tailoring training course is going to be useful to build you career.
  • Consequently, you can get the knowledge from the latest topics in Tailoring training and also familiarity in the other relevant topics.
  • During the training, each session involves assessments, topic reviews which make sure you got the necessary theoretical, practical knowledge.
  • As a result, after completion of our Tailoring training in Madurai, you are a Professional in Tailoring training.
  • Firstly, offering Tailoring training Course in Madurai on your flexible timings. In addition, we are providing one to one training.
  • Moreover, our Tailoring training course in Madurai, the syllabus designed by experienced professionals, as a result, you can learn the updated Tailoring training techniques.
  • Most importantly, you can start earing while doing the course itself.
  • Likewise, Our Tailoring training course instructors are Tailoring training certified Professionals, similarly, they will guide you to get certified.
  • On the positive side, our Tailoring training in Madurai fully focused on Practical sessions.
  • Furthermore, our Tailoring training course in Madurai offers a safe and secure environment for ladies to learn.
  • In addition, here you have a chance to learn Tailoring training course with live practical session from the Best Tailoring training Institute in Madurai.
  • Meanwhile, we are ranked as the Best Tailoring training institute in Madurai with 600+ positive reviews across the internet.
  • Especially we provide special attention for fresher who want to learn Tailoring training course in Madurai.
  • We offer group discounts, when student takes more than one course. offers based on our terms and conditions.
  • At the end of our Tailoring training in Madurai, you will be the pro apparel maker with whole confident.
  • Especially, Colors Studio has separate dedicated expert team to guide our trainees to start their own business successfully.
  • At the end of the each batch, a separate segment will be handled by the professionals regarding how to purchase a material, how to design the garment, how to start-up the business, and post business inauguration processes.
  • Furthermore, on successful completion of Tailoring training course, ISO & IAO affiliated certificate will be provided to the students which has value in abroad and can be used for Indian Gazette purpose.
  • Finally, support to the aspirants is assured by Colors Studio till lifetime and workshops for upgrading.
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About Certification of Tailoring Course

Finally, upon successful completion of the course, an ISO 21001:2018 affiliated certificate will be awarded to ensure quality education.

Also, our certification is aligned with IAO standards and the United States Board for Education Standardization (USBES) which are valued abroad and can be used for Indian Gazetteer purposes.

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