VFD Training in Madurai

Our VFD program offers comprehensive training in computer-aided design (CAD) software specifically tailored for electronic circuit design and simulation.

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Skill Development

Skill Development

Improve your professional skills with our course.

Quality Training

Quality Training

Improve the quality of your work and reduce errors

Expert Tutors

Expert Tutors

Learn from certified instructors with extensive experience in utilizing these tools in professional settings.

Flexible Learning Paths

Flexible Learning Paths

Start your learning journey with flexible learning time and convenient learning modes

Hands-on learning

Hands-on learning

Get hands-on experience through interactive labs, real-world scenarios, and projects that simulate workplace tasks.

Real-Time Projects

Real-Time Projects

Learn with real-time projects that can improve programming efficiency

VFD Course Curriculum

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e-Careerpluz's course structure is designed to cover the fundamental and advanced aspects of this course. Each module builds on the previous one, and the final project allows learners to apply their knowledge in a practical situation.

  • Basic Introduction To AC And DC Electrical Theory
  • AC And DC Electrical Terminology
  • AC Drives Basics
  • AC Drives Evolution Or Adjustable Speed Drives
  • AC Drives Application
  • Mechanical Theory/ Horsepower And Torque
  • AC Motor And DC Motor Theory
  • AC Induction Motor Function And Details
  • Choosing The Correct Motor
  • Identification And Selection Of Hardware
  • Installation Of AC Drivers
  • Types Of Drives And It’s Application
  • Inverter To Converter Circuit
  • Working Principle, Programming Of AC Drive
  • Parameter Setting
  • Digital And Analog Input/Output Assignment
  • Internal And External Controls
  • Interfacing With PLC
  • Multispeed Function
  • AC Drives In Pid Control
  • Hands-On AC Drive Operation And Advanced Programming
  • Introduction To SCADA Software
  • Application of SCADA
  • Windows and SCADA terminology and standards
  • Familiarize Students with the Basic Drawing Instructions
  • Creating New SCADA Project
  • GUI Designing
  • Tag Substitution
  • Dynamic Process Mimic
  • Real Time Trend and Historical Trend
  • How to Create Alarms & Event
  • Script Development
  • Logon Priorities and Introduce the Runtime Viewer Operation
  • Recipe Management
  • Introduction to Graphic Properties
  • SCADA Communication Requirements
  • SCADA Communication Protocols
  • Structure of a SCADA Communication Protocol
  • Connectivity with the Different Hardware
  • Communication with Database
  • Communication with Visual Basic
  • Explanation on Various Types of Software of SCADA

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VFD Training in Madurai Overview

e-Careerpluz's VFD Course covers everything you need to know about Variable Frequency Drives, from basic principles to advanced techniques. Our course offers a comprehensive exploration of VFD technology and applications. For more Details, Click here

  • Get an overview of Variable Frequency Drives, their operating principles, and their applications in motor control systems.
  • Explore the internal components and architecture of VFDs, including power electronics, control circuits, and interface options.
  • Understand the basics of motor control, including speed control, torque control, and dynamic braking, and learn how VFDs facilitate precise motor control.
  • Learn how to properly install and wire VFDs in various industrial and commercial applications, ensuring safe and reliable operation.
  • Get into VFD programming and parameterization, including setting up drive parameters, configuring control modes, and optimizing performance.
  • Learn advanced features and functions of VFDs, such as PID control, vector control, energy optimization, and communication protocols.
  • Develop skills in troubleshooting common VFD issues, diagnosing faults, and performing preventive maintenance to ensure optimal performance.
  • Understand the importance of safety in VFD applications and learn how to implement safety measures to protect personnel and equipment.
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In-person Training

Benefit from hands-on practical sessions and real-time demonstrations.

Virtual Training

Engage in live, interactive sessions with instructors and fellow learners.

College Training

Customized training programs delivered to Colleges at their premises.

Self-Paced Training

Access pre-recorded lectures and course materials at your convenience.

Hybrid Training

Attend select sessions in the classroom while accessing the remainder online.


Perfect for learners looking to acquire targeted skills quickly.

About Certification of PLC Course

Finally, upon successful completion of the course, an ISO 21001:2018 affiliated certificate will be awarded to ensure quality education.

Also, our certification is aligned with IAO standards and the United States Board for Education Standardization (USBES) which are valued abroad and can be used for Indian Gazetteer purposes.

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